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In my professional life I started off as a web developer. Next I spent quite some years in Microsoft SharePoint land before stepping over to Office365. And now I've developed a particular interest in developing solutions based on Microsoft Azure. Here's some more background info on the tech I frequently use:

At the moment I'm working on getting certified for several parts of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Being a developer at heart, the development related bits are what I'm focussed on most. Also check out my pet project submerged which is a fully-functional Azure IoT based solution to monitor a fish tank.
In todays world, web development techniques are an essential part of pretty much any software solution. I've worked with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery and other popular client-side development frameworks to build several webbased solutions.
As a logical successor to my SharePoint assignments, I moved to doing Office365 based solutions. My take on Office365 is that it's a great set of services which are powerfull on their own, but even more so when consumed from or linked to other applications. The Microsoft Graph API provides a single unified endpoint to serve just that need.
My work as a SharePoint Solution Architect and SharePoint developer has tought me a lot about this awesome Microsoft product. From out-of-the-box intranet to fully customized applications, been there & done that
Client-side framework like Angular, React and Aurelia cannot be missed when developing client-side solutions. I've used these technologies in several SharePoint-based solutions, as well as in the mobile Cordova application I've built for submerged.

I earned my first Microsoft certification in 2007. Since then I've made it part of my professional routine to stay up-to-date. My latest certifications include:

  • 70-332 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • 70-331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
Apache Cordova is a technology that allows developers to build cross-platform mobile applications using client side web technology. I'm using Cordova to build the mobile application for Submerged, you can check out the sources here.
Working at Atos I was given the opportunity to participate in "Gold for Experts", an internal training program. At the universities of Cambridge (UK) and Paderborn (DE) this course improved my capabilities of being a technical advisor at CxO level. SWOT analysis, roadmapping and strategy planning coarses were all part of this program.


Here's some of the logo's that I've worked for:

Several internal projects, including:

  • Solution architecture of 'MyHR', an HR solution based on SharePoint.
  • Product design of Canopy SharePoint, Atos' SharePoint in the cloud offering.

Several projects:

  • Solution design & development of "Standardization Web", a SharePoint based solution for distribution of standards & regulations within the Philips organization.
  • Architect during migration of hundreds of site collections from legacy SharePoint environments (2007, 2010 and 2013) to Office365.
  • Solution design of a community portal environment for Philips Research.

As you should have guessed by now, I'm a true Microsoftie. I love their tech (sometimes hate it too) and therefore made it my specialty. Which, by the way, does not mean I do not keep track of competing tech!

I've spent quite some time at DAF, building, administering and architecting their SharePoint intranet and extranet environments.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Part of the project which assessed whether Office365 would be a good solution to build a new portal experience for students and employees.


  • Architecting SharePoint farm with twin datacenter set-up, including high availability and disaster recovery
  • Set-up of SharePoint add-in infrastructure

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Jasper Siegmund
years old
Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
I'm a fortunate guy. I've got a lovely life with a lovely girlfriend, family, awesome friends and tons of fun stuff to do. Amongst my hobbies: visiting music festivals like Lowlands, Rock Werchter, Pinkpop and others. I also like sports (running, skating, snowboarding) and being outdoors (whenver it doesn't rain). I'm into aquascaping which is the art of creating beautiful scenery in a fish tank. For that same tank I'm developing Submerged, an Azure based IoT solution which allows me to monitor my tank, get notifications, control relays and much more. So even in my time off, technology is a big part of my life.


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